food food food…

Food Food Food…

the 3 F’s that everyone is thinking about ALL the time.  Isn’t it!!

Ask yourself, either we are having a meal or thinking about the next meal.  Either we are Dieting or feasting.  And now its all about FOOD even on the web.  wherever you go, food keeps following you in all forms and shape.  I am no exception (certainly), believe me I am cooking in most of my hours of the day.

Either for my kids or for my husband or for my guests (I have a bed & breakfast) or with cooking classes or for my DOG and sometimes even for myself (which I do when no one’s home Ha! Ha!)   Not that I am complaining, not at all.  I LOVE my kitchen.  I feel very confident, successful, positive, creative, valuable  and proud when I am making something.  And it was always like this..  I remember when I was probably 12 or 13 and I was in the kitchen cooking (actually replicating my mom’s food) and would try to toss and talk about the dish like a PRO.  I used to feel so so Good..

Food has different values for everyone but for me its meditative… I am completely there. A One hundred percent. Though, it took me 15 years of conventional life (of schooling, university, job, and marriage), to realize that I am most happy doing just one thing–Cooking.

Say till around 70-80 years back, cooking was an essential part of any Women’s life.  In India, it was said that it was her TERRITORY, and believe me it literally used to be her territory.  Her area of expertise.. She would spend most of her time in the kitchen, either planning a meal, or prepping for one.  But apart from that it used to be literally her office / her Space.  As people entered once she asked everyone to come and have meal, otherwise it was not the most walked space of the house.  Later years, the picture of a woman in the kitchen was portrayed as a ‘Lonely Female’ in a dark damp room, sweating and preparing JUST MEALS….. So sad it was shown like that, people De-Valued her skill.  Following years came with a revolution of bringing her out of the kitchen, which definitely did some good for the Women who wanted to do something else also apart from Cooking, but in this whole transformation we killed the beauty of Cooking.  People started taking Home-cooking very  lowly.  It is the last thing they would think about in the day.  But the irony is, hunger is the first thing that gets up with you every morning and rests only when we go to sleep.

How can one separate FOOD from COOKING ?

Can We?

No!! Never

These days we design ultra-modern kitchens (probably the most expensive part of our home) and yet when someone visits that space of the house is when they are micro-waving a pre-cooked meal!!!  OR maximum tossing a salad…

What!!! I mean, really. You know, if I have the chance I would love to cook in all those beautiful kitchens in the world that people construct with such thoughtfulness.  I mean, how can you resist yourself for not going in there and COOK…  Play some music, inspire yourself, watch a cooking tube video, invite your family your friends, cook for your kids a wholesome meal, cook for your own diet, cook for yourself…  Just feel it… anyone who loves food, indirectly loves cooking, its just that we are holding ourselves back..

For me, I can cook even on a terrace!!  Did I show you my kitchen for the Cooking Classes.  Well, this is it.540

Its where we have our cooking sessions mostly every alternate days


And this was how it looked when I started my classes, exactly 2 years back.  Well, this is probably my kind of kitchen.  Open space, airy, full of sunshine.    It think I would just add a couch and a coffee table for myself,  with my favorite recipe books, my notes, my laptop.  And VOILA!!!!!!! Here we are in My Dream Kitchen,  in my world.  I would probably take my last breath in there..

But till that moment comes I am cooking…. Nothing special, Nothing professional but just cooking.

HAVE A Cookilicious  Day!!!!!

See you again.







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