Day 2 Kacchi Rasoi

Finally, I am here on Day 2 of my recipe trials.  This ‘Book’ is keeping me so occupied,  from past 5 days I am just trying to organize the instructions out of these recipes.  It has a very old style of Hindi writing,  and honestly its a challenge for me .  The recipes are written in paragraphs and is hardly instructive, its more like a description.

Its like living my graduation days all over again. ‘Elaborate the following…’, the question paper said.  And what I saw was a phrase.  Woof!! how can you elaborate a phrase…  Well the hard work done years back is finally paying!! I think, I can read between the words in these recipes.

So cutting short,  after the Day 1 trials I decided that I’ll try Recipe No. 178 Kele ki Pakori ki Tarkari– actually a Raw Banana Kofta in gravy. Along with Recipe No. 114 Dum Aloo  with Recipe No. 241 Chane ki Daal ki Khicdi (Rice and Chickpea Lentils simmered in whole spices).  Exotic sounding what do you think(yum yum)?

So first check the recipes below and then I will share my impressions on the flavors and possible suggestions for changes..

Chana Daal Khichdi

Kele ki Pakori ki Tarkari

Aaloo dum

Well, I loved the individual dishes but not the whole menu together.  So I am not trying to suggest any Meal Menu in these trials.  Individually, I lovvvvved the Banana Kofta.  It was really beautiful texture.  Though I think I am going to make a Cashew Based Gravy next time to make it richer, but I still lovved its existing flavour.  So go ahead try it, serve it like an appetizer or side dish

Second number is the Khichdi,  I liked its flavor.  I would like to serve it with a fresh tomato -Paneer (or Mozzarella) Salad and a small bowl of fresh coriander yogurt.  It can be a beautiful complete meal in itself.   Super Food Super Lite.!!

Third is Dum Aloo.  Great flavor, but again the same issue as the koftas– it can dry out very quickly. So there is possibility of correction or improvisation.   No worries, that will follow  soon.

So with this I wrap up Day 2 trials.  I hope you all will try one, two or all recipes and let me know, if they work for you.  If you share your feedback, it would be great.

Till then, Ta- Taa Bye Bye Good night

Enjoy Cooking!!





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