Day 1 Kacchi Rasoi

Today was my first day to try out the recipes from Kacchi Rasoi and it was quite interesting, I must say.  So lets see what I have chosen, but before that I need to give a brief introduction to what exactly is Kacchi Rasoi.  It is a category of meal with simple cooking methods, i.e. food which is cooked without Deep Frying Technique, or any baking/Tandoor, there is nothing that has been cooked by reduction method either.  In simple words, the food is simple to cook and simple to digest.  But most important differentiation is that there is no introduction of Onion or Garlic in this category of Food.

In Indian context certain occasions call for strictly Kacchi Rasoi.  Like meals given to a new mother for a period of 40 days after giving birth to a baby, as the lactating mother needs a nutritious yet non-complex meals. And  the meals served in a house that has lost a family member recently ( a mourning period of 10 days).

Kacchi literally means which is not HARD.  Well, in terms of food, it means something which is less complex when comes to digestion and absorption.  I shall be sharing some more interesting facts about these rituals and Kacchi Rasoi in my coming posts.

Now, just check below what I picked up for today’s meal and check the links for the recipes.

Ingredients for all dishes


I hope you will enjoy trying creating these age old recipes.




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