Long Time No See

Its been more than 2 years that I created this blog and I actually believed that I will keep up blogging along with parenting two boys, hosting full-time, teaching Indian cooking  and of course living …

Well, as always, I was wrong!! Its not easy.  Well, what have I been doing since these 2 years is– lots of cooking, as I run Hands-On Cooking classes for Indian Cooking in Jaipur. Anyways, fast forwarding these 2 x 365 days I am back and hopefully with something better to give to my readers.   Do you remember the movie ‘Julie & Julie’  with 365 Days and more than 400 French recipes, I simply Adore…dddd that movie. And I am about to embark on a similar journey (if God help me {and my readers too…}) — that is to recreate Indian recipes from a century old book handed over to me by my Grand Mother.  All is left of it is, lots of fragile pages of innumerable recipes.  It took me ten years to absorb its real essence and I think I am ready to share it with everyone.  It is a hidden gem – for me and numerous other Indian food lovers it can become a book of ‘Ideal Culinary Education in Indian Cuisine’.

YEA yea it is sounding very Dramatic but I think by the end of the year, it would change life of at least one persons– me..


Before going deep into the recipes of India, we need to look for the different sections of Food for Bhartiya or Indian Cuisine.  There are Six different Sections of cooking to master before you can call yourself an expert of Indian Food, they are as follows

  • Kacchi Rasoi :

    This has again eight different sub-sections namely the following 1. Roti   2. Daal  3.Bhaat  4. Shaak-Bhaji  5. Kadhi -Karayal 6. Khichadi-Tahiri 7. Daliya  8. Raita

  • Pakki Rasoi

    This also has five sub-sections 1. Pakavaan 2. Meetha Pakavaan 3. Namkeen Pakavaan  4. Mithai 5. Bangla Mitai

  • Milk-Made items, Falaahar, Mohanbhog-Halwa

  • Chutney, Murrabba, Aachar, Bari Mangori and Papad

  • Biscuit, Double Roti Bread and Naan

  • Meat, Poultry and Fish

Well, so this is the curriculum for the book of Ideal Indian Food Education.  Hmm…. lets take one by one.  We will surely reach a destination if we start walking…

So the plan is to pick at least three to five recipes everyday (not forgetting each sub section has minimum of 20 recipes and various cooking methods).  But please remember, as the book talks about ingredients and kitchens of 100 years Old India, I might be skipping a few or many recipes  (due to possible unavailability of that particular equipment or ingredient); but I’ll try to at least talk about them.

So lets begin tomorrow with our first Meal Menu.

Till then Shubh Ratri! Good Night!



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